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School Overview

The Maurya School, with a firm belief in its dreams to excel and its persistent efforts, has proved its worth and etched a perpetual place in the field of education.

It stands apart not only due to its sprawling premises with a safe learning environment and child-friendly infrastructure but also its dedication to offer nothing less than the best to its students. The Maurya School has successfully earned its place among the top ten challengers in Gurugram. Apart from its sound academic planning, it has always focussed on a balanced curriculum integrated with co-curricular activities, sports, creativity, life skills, performing arts and social outreach. Apart from the Recording Studio, the well-equipped labs for computer, 3D, robotics, science and math are the assets of the school that help in imparting a hands-on experience to the students. Parents are also involved in the school activities and are partners in nurturing our students for the 21st century.

Without compromising on the quality of teaching and learning, The Maurya School empowers its teachers with excellent workshops and training thus offering the best value for money. The leadership team of the school acts like the pillar of strength helping it to soar high towards success.