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Inter House Archery Competition

"An archer’s greatest strength lies not in their arms, but in their mind.”

Archery helps a person to improve balance and coordination, increases focus and helps a person to stay calm. The students of Grade VII and VIII participated in an Inter House Archery Competition held on 27th April 2024.

Following are the names of the students who secured first, second and third positions .

First Position : Titans (Boys)
Tanish Sharma 7C
Saatvik Yadav 7E
Atharv Trehan 7E
Arman 7G
Second Position : Spartans (Boys)
Chiraj Aggarwal 7A
Vishvraj 7D
Aryan Mishra 7D
Vihaan Yadav 7F
Third Position : Knights (Boys)
Divyansh Yadav 8B
Indraneel Jana 8F
Kartik Singh 7C
Lakshiv Arora 7C
First Position : Gladiators (Girls)
Sakshi Kumari 8D
Parisha Pal 8C
Manvi Budaneya 8E
Jasveen 7G
Second Position : Titans (Girls)
Sidhi 8B
Sanvi Chaudhary 8E
Koushika Ghosh 8E
Dhriti Garg 7F
Third Position : Knights (Girls)
Navya Aggarwal 8E
Niriksha Sharma 8F
Rishika Yadav 7A
Nasya Tak 7D

Competitions are a canvas for students to paint their creativity, fostering an environment where unique thoughts blossom. Maurya Team is thrilled to present highlights from the Grade 6 Inter House Competition held on December 28, 2023. The event aimed to inspire and expand the creative thinking of our students, providing them with a platform to express their unique talents. Our talented students displayed a range of skills with confidence and boundless enthusiasm, earning well-deserved applause from all. Their praiseworthy efforts truly shine, showcasing the spirit of excellence at our school.

The air was charged with excitement as an exhilarating Inter-House Competition unfolded on December 26, 2023, for the enthusiastic students of Class IV at The Maurya School, Palam Vihar. Participants from different houses gathered to showcase their talents and engage in the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited event. This annual spectacle provided a dynamic platform for students to exhibit their skills across various competitions, aiming to foster unity and healthy competition within the school community. The participants displayed wit and eloquence as they delivered impromptu speeches on a wide range of topics in the Extempore Competition. Dressed resplendently in costumes, they emulated their favourite characters in the Role Play Competition, blending learning with fun. The Twist the Tale competition allowed them to delve into popular stories, reshaping narratives creatively. Budding Scientist brought out their creativity, innovative thinking, and application-based learning, while Code and Colour showcased their animation skills in Scratch. The Stand-up Comedy segment had participants tickling funny bones with their dramatic and comical performances, while the Ad Mad Show, presented by students with a knack for advertising, won the hearts of the audience. The unique and humorous narrative style in Hasya Kavita was particularly praiseworthy. Students were evaluated based on content, presentation, confidence, and relevance. The Inter-House Competition proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on both participants and spectators. The cheers echoing in the air made it evident that the competition not only showcased talent but also united the school in a memorable celebration of skill, teamwork, and creativity.

“Competition is the best form of motivation.” - Cordae

The best part of competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of and how much more we can actually do than we ever believed possible. Keeping this spirit in mind, The Maurya School organised Interhouse Competitions for the students of Grade 5 on 28 December 2023. Various competitions like Role Play, Brainy Bowl (Science Quiz), Extempore – Impromptu, Story Telling, Wings of Words (Speech), News Reading, PresentiON, Ad-Mad and Haasya Kavita were conducted which gave students an opportunity to showcase their talent by putting their best foot forward. The students were finally judged on criteria like confidence, clarity of speech and expression, use of props, content, time duration, voice modulation, humour, etc. Above all, it was a good learning experience for them.

‘Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy, is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I’m doing.’- Phil Jackson.

An array of Intra-House Competitions were held at The Maurya School for Grade III on 28 December 2023. Events like this foster a healthy competitive spirit among students where they get a platform for showcasing their talents.

The competitions organised were ‘Budding Scientist’, ‘Cooking Without Fire’, ‘Rhyme Recitation’, ‘Euphoria-Musical Instrument’, ‘Groovy Marketer- Ad-Mad’, ‘Poster Making’, ‘Sudoku’, ‘Shape-O-Mania’ and ‘Debate’. The children participated with a lot of zest and zeal. The participants left the judges bewildered with their bewitching performances and made judgement an extremely strenuous task for them.

The children grabbed various positions and were motivated to participate in many more such competitions in future.

Interschool competition ‘The Sports Fiesta ’

Mike Marshall rightly said “Victory is in the quality of competition, not just the final score”.

Mike Marshall rightly said “Victory is in the quality of competition, not just the final score”.

The event included various fun races like Hurdle Race, Hoopla Race etc. The kids participated enthusiastically and gave their best. Winners of different races were felicitated with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along with the certificates.

"Inter House Swimming Competition”

Confidence comes from what you do in practice every single day. So you’ve just got to let your SWIMMING do the talking and have fun! An Inter House Swimming Competition was held for the students of Grade IV on 2nd September 2023, Saturday.

The young swimmers dazzled the crowd with their impressive strokes and unwavering determination. The audience erupted in applause, celebrating the incredible achievements of these pint-sized champions in the water. Their remarkable performances left us inspired and hopeful for the next generation of swimming champions.

Spartans bagged the first position, Knights bagged the second position and Titans bagged the third position.

The overall winners of the competition were Spartans. Indeed a proud moment for all.

"The Interhouse Sports Competition”

Interhouse sports competitions serve as a platform for students to showcase their talent, passion and dedication while representing their respective houses. Each house becomes a close-knit community which fosters a strong sense of school spirit and pride which extends beyond the sports field into academic and social aspects of life.

The Inter House Sports Competition for Grade 1 was held at the Maurya school on 23 September 2023. The races which were encompassed were “Tunnel Race” and “Shuttle Race”.

The competition provided an ideal arena for students to compete with grace and sportsmanship, respecting the rules of the sport and the efforts of their opponents. The cheering sections created a vibrant atmosphere. Gladiators secured the 1st Position, Knights the 2nd Position and Spartans bagged the 3rd Position.

The students were appreciated for their efforts and enthusiasm and the winning teams were congratulated for their achievements.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

The Inter House Sports Competition was held at The Maurya School on 2 September 2023 for the tiny tots of Grade 2. The aspiration of the event was to build student intellect, physical attitude as well as guide students to be confident and help them reveal their hidden talents. The sports environment offers students fair competition, thus, inculcating in them moral values like fairness, integrity and team spirit. The event commenced with the registration of students for various races. The ardent participation by students was highly appreciated. The teams of different houses gave a tough competition to each other as the participants left no stone unturned to win positions for their respective houses. Spartans bagged the 1st Position, Gladiators the 2nd Position and Titans secured the 3rd Position.

Congratulations to all the students!

"Inter House Skating Competition”

Champions are not made in playing grounds. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision." Roller Skating is a sport, an art form, a lifestyle and a culture. Roller Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. It helps people develop a fitness habit with a sport that is enjoyable for all ages.

Our young Mauryans of Grade 3 participated in the Inter House Skating Competition held at The Maurya School on Saturday, 20th May 2023. The students participated with great zeal and made tireless efforts to excel. The talent portrayed by our students was praiseworthy. They showcased an energetic and enthusiastic performance which was applauded by the audience. They made us proud by winning and Gladiators secured the 1st Position in the Competition.:

The winners were felicitated by The Head of the School, Dr Shalini Bajaj. It was indeed a fun-filled day and a good learning experience.

As rightly quoted by Sandeep Sahajpal, “Sportsmanship cannot be taught, it can be inculcated in one’s persona through only one thing, called ‘SPORTS’.”

The first Inter House Sports Competition of the session was held at The Maurya School on 29 April 2023. The prime objective of the event was to build student intellect, physical aptitude as well as assisting students to identify their potentials and bringing out the best in them. The essence was also to educate them on fair play, team spirit/sportsmanship and create interest in sports.

The event commenced with the registration of students for various activities. The enthusiastic participation by students was overwhelming. An Inter House Basketball Match was conducted for boys and girls of Classes VI to VIII. The teams gave a tough competition to each other. In Boys, the 1st Position was bagged by Knights, 2nd by Titans and 3rd by Gladiators. Whereas, the Knights Girls Team secured the 1st Position, Gladiators the 2nd Position and Titans bagged the 3rd Position.

Relay Race and Sprint was conducted for students of Classes IX to XII. In the 200 MT Race for Boys (IX-X), Gladiators secured the 1st Position, Knights the 2nd Position and Titans bagged the 3rd Position. In Girls, the 1st Position was taken by Gladiators, 2nd by Titans and the 3rd Position by Spartans. In the 400 MT Race for Boys (XI-XII), Titans secured the 1st Position, Spartans the 2nd Position and Gladiators bagged the 3rd Position. In Girls, the 1st Position was taken by Knights, 2nd by Gladiators and the 3rd Position by Spartans.

The Relay Race witnessed a nail-biting situation as the participants left no stone unturned to win positions for their respective houses amidst the enthusiastic cheering by their peers. The details of the winners are as follows:

100 x 4 MT Relay Race (Classes IX-X):

Girls Boys
1st Position - Gladiators 1st Position - Gladiators
2nd Position - Spartans 2nd Position - Spartans
3rd Position - Titans 3rd Position - Knights

100 x 4 MT Relay Race (Classes XI-XII):

Girls Boys
1st Position - Spartans 1st Position - Knights
2nd Position - Knights 2nd Position - Titans
3rd Position - Spartans

The winners were felicitated by The Head of the School, Dr Shalini Bajaj. It was indeed a fun-filled day and a good learning experience.

Design a Logo for Your House

A House Activity –‘Design a Logo for Your House’ for class IX was conducted on July 27,2022. The students were asked to design an innovative logo for their houses. Apart from designing, they had to describe their house in five catchy words or phrases. They were asked to write a punch line too for their house. It was a group activity. The activity was performed in the group of three students each. The students participated with full ardour. The students showcased their marvellous creative ideas and imaginative skills. It was a hundred percent participation.

Poster Making Activity – Class VIII

Poster making activities facilitate creative thinking in addition to paving way to research and reading about the given topic. It provides students with an opportunity to learn by doing, in turn strengthening the learning.

The students of Grade VIII enthusiastically participated in one such Poster Making activity on 13th July 2022. The house activity proved as an ideal platform in giving students the chance to express their thoughts and ideas on the given topic - Natural Disasters. Some students effectively spread awareness through pictorial representation while some used praiseworthy poems to convey the needful. It was indeed a very enriching experience for all.

Draw n Colour

A House Activity 'Draw n Colour' was conducted on July 13, 2022 for the students of Class IX. They had to make a drawing on the topic 'Natural Disasters'. The students came up with wonderful ideas and portrayed their feelings through meaningful artwork. The enthusiastic participation of the students was praiseworthy.

House Activity - Grade VII

A House Activity was conducted for Grade VII wherein the students were divided into four houses and were required to compete against the students of other houses. They were excited to take part in an array of activities like Musical Chairs, Tug of war, Balancing the Bean Bag on their head, Dragging the Ball, and Balancing the Ball while jumping. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Following instructions, persistence, motivation, goal setting, and problem-solving were the skills that were acquired during the participation in the extracurricular activity.

Inter House Debate Competition

The Maurya School conducted an Inter House Debate Competition for Class VI on the topic, 'Is competition a necessary part of the education process' and for Class VIII on the topic, 'Social media does more harm than good'. Debate is one of the academic activities that gives students a creative room to express what they feel. The students of the various houses participated with full enthusiasm. The debate was conducted on 20th May 2019. The teams were well-prepared and they used various skills like definition, overstatement irony etc. to put forth their views and convince the audience. They put in tremendous hard work to showcase their hidden talent. The activity helped the students to enhance their presentation skills and boosted their confidence. The judges and audience applauded and encouraged them. It was a great learning experience!

Maurya Spellathon

In a time and age of auto-correct, predictive text and spell check, the practice of learning spellings is outdated. Keeping this in mind, The Maurya School organized a 'Spellathon Competition' for Grades VI – VIII. Our students enthusiastically participated in the competition. The winners of the intra-house competition were the competitors for the final round of the Inter-House Spellathon. The students enjoyed a lot. It was a wonderful learning experience not only for the participants but also for their peers and helped in enriching the spelling bank of our students.

Inter-House Antakshari Competition

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is an incredible force which unites everybody. An Inter-House Antakshari Competition was organised by the Maurya School on 3rd of May in the school's quadrangle. All the four houses participated and they competed in the different interesting rounds of this singing battle like Shabd Jaal, Sath Sath and Pehchano aur Gao. The song affair also explored the discrete personalities of the students who not only competed against each other in singing but also enjoyed the budding house rivalry. Antakshari being one of the oldest indoor sports, brought the students and teachers together against the opposition, creating a cherish-able memory for everyone. The Knights House won the contest along with the hearts of the audience with their superb timing and perfect guesses. It rejuvenated and geared everyone up.

English Handwriting Competition

“Like it or not, even in our machine driven world, people still judge you by your handwriting”
We have heard the argument, “Handwriting is over. It is keyboarding skills all the way.” Of course our students need strong keyboarding and technical skills but handwriting has its own benefits and creates brain connections that can’t be easily replaced. Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for the children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. English Handwriting Competition was conducted on 14th September for the children of class 2 in which all of them participated enthusiastically. They were judged on different criteria’s like punctuation and spellings.

First Raksha Paliwal Gladiators
Manavi Solanki Spartans
jiya Yadav Titans
Prachi Madnani Knights
Rashi Gahlot Knights
Second Shaban Khan Titans
Arnav Chauhan Gladiators
Aniket Goel Spartans
Hitanshi Sharma Knights
Suhaan Chhabra Spartans
Third Adit Bansal Spartans
Jaina Bhutan Knights
Akshit Khare Titans
Shaurya Gupta Gladiators
Dushyant Yadav Knights