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Enhancing Skills

“Behind you are the challenges you have met. Before you lie the new possibilities. Today you choose the direction of your life.”

School life is far beyond the four walls of a classroom and academic syllabus. The co-curricular activities and school clubs ensure the holistic development of students, adding that much awaited fun element in the daily routine. Connecting with the same, The Maurya School provides an array of club activities given below to empower our students to pursue their passion.

A club started this year (2016-17) to sensitise and develop an 360° perspective to national and international concerns. Students discuss contemporary issues including Environmental degradation, Nuclear Tests, Solar Power Generation Projects, etc. from the point of view of different countries. The club also helps the students to get exposure to best practices practised worldwide.

With the intent of making mathematics simple and fun, the club organizes classes that enable students to workout complicated calculations in a few easy steps. The age old sutras reveal a whole world of methodologies which are not only easy to use but time efficient as well. The club is also preparing students to crack the entrance exams effortlessly.

In addition to its intrinsic educational value, our Theatre Club reinforces the school curriculum. More importantly, it promotes active learning in any subject to give students a kinaesthetic, empathetic as well as an intellectual understanding of a topic.

Music is an art which connects people together. A regular music club is conducted in our school, wherein the complete knowledge of this art is imparted to the students, shaping their skills in performing arts.

In order to ensure that our students are tech savvy, the computer club has been introduced in the school. The students learn the latest technologies in the computer world so that they can confront today’s competitive world ease and confidence.

The Maurya School conducts this club to encourage the passion of cooking in our budding chefs and enhance their culinary art. A number of delicacies and nutritional dishes include the teaching imparted through this interesting club.

It is this club where the students interested in this art learn to chisel their artistic skills. The club helps students mould simple clay into wonderful articles like vase, animal shapes, decorative wall pieces, to name a few.

Another pioneer club this year, 3D offered to classes VI to IX exposes students to a new facet of printing. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It can be used in architectural scale models, healthcare (3d printing with human tissue), replicating ancient artifacts. It enhances the creativity of the students and also develops problem solving skills through real life based projects.

The club focuses on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), the base for the human life. With the scarcity of available resources, this is the only solution to save the environment and the human race. The students are sensitized to the need of the hour, and the activities are centred towards environmental protection. They include plantation drive, cleaning up of the surroundings, save electricity and save water campaigns. Students also discuss and create models on scientific inventions and innovations. Yoga The club revives the ancient Indian spiritual practice of disciplining mind and body. Students are trained in various asanas like Pranayam, Surya Namaskar, padmaasan, dhanur asan, parvatasan, etc. These asanas help students to develop concentration and discover themselves while achieving physical fitness.

Named after famous Indian mathematician and astrologer, this club aspires to develop fondness for mathematics in the students. The club enhances their numerical intelligence through short cut methods of two and three digit multiplications, formulae expansions, calculation of square and cube roots in easy steps. The club also conducts regular tests and quizzes.

Machines and robots have always piqued the curiosity of the young minds. This club whets their appetite with more mechanics and automation. It deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. The club provides hands on experience in creation and simple automated machines like solar powered mini car like structures. It has also encouraged interclass and interschool competitions that have won laurels for the school.

Three forms of dance namely, Western, Comtemporary and Bharatnatyam are included in the Dance Club. Sessions of the club incorporate not only the practical education of the dance form but also the theory enriching their awareness about its origin and history.

This club helps to inculcate creative and artistic skills of the students. They get to know about the meaning of lines, colours and different elements of art along with the life in art in the form of paintings, pencil sketches, etc.

Aiming at fostering a love for books and literature a wide spectrum of literary activities undertaken by this club includes book discussions, review writing, literary quizzes, visits to libraries, screenings of films based on famous books, marathons for creative writing, poetry readings, etc.