Space Workshops

Three interesting space workshops were conducted for the aspiring astronauts of various classes on Saturday, January 18, 2020. The workshop ‘Space Satellites’ was conducted for the students of Grades 1 and 2 where they were introduced to the concept of ‘satellites’ in a very innovative manner. They discovered that just like the different parts of their body perform different functions, a satellite also has parts which have different functions to make the satellite operational. They explored how satellites unfold a new page of the universe including our own planet. Students investigated how they make our lives simpler as they have a wide range of applications from ship navigation to watching TV at home. Children acted as ‘chief engineers’ on a space mission and assembled mini satellites with defined parts! The workshop ‘Rocket - A Space Vehicle’, conducted for the students of Grades 3 -5, helped them realize that even a simple and omnipresent thing like air can be used as a fuel to launch rockets. They learnt about the power and magic of air pressure through hands-on activities. Later, they constructed their own stomp rockets and launched them in a friendly competition on the same concept of air pressure. The workshop titled ‘Solar Observation with Safe Methods’, conducted for the students of Grades 6-8, helped them learn about the Sun and the reasons to study it. They also learnt about different solar features along with the ways to observe the Sun safely and realize the importance of using safe methods for solar observation.

Workshop on 'Making Lesson Plan' by Ms. Monisha Gupta

An extremely informative and engaging workshop on the topic 'Making Lesson Plan' was organised for all the teachers on 14th January, 2020. The spokesperson was Ms. Monisha Gupta, an eloquent and experienced speaker from Orient BlackSwan publication. She commenced the workshop by giving her valuable insight on the objectives of classroom teaching, the need for lesson planning and the parameters that have to be kept in mind while framing a lesson plan. The session included an interactive discussion along with interesting activities like energisers, framing and presenting lesson plans by all the departments. The active participation of the teachers was applauded by the speaker. The workshop concluded on a symbiotic note as it involved exchange of ideas and information from both the sides.

Workshop (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

The Maurya School believes in upskilling its teachers with the help of workshops that are held regularly. One such workshop was conducted by KIPS on 'Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning' at the Surya Hotel, New Delhi on 10th December, 2019 and it was attended by two of our facilitators Ms. Amita Barse and Ms. Monika Bajaj. KIPS, a School Computer Education Company has been conducting such workshops in different states to upgrade the knowledge of teachers on Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used as a tool to improve the quality of education in future. The resource person, Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, explained the basics of the underlying techniques of AI and cited apt examples for further clarity of the concepts. It was indeed an enriching experience for the teachers who attended it.

Workshop (Class X and XII)

A session on Careers in Management and Hospitality was conducted at The Maurya School by Ms. Prashanti Jaykumar from Vedatya Institute on 9th December 2019 for the students of Grades X to XII. Through this workshop, the students understood about the journey of a management and hospitality professional. They also got to know about the key skills required to be successful in respective areas. After the session, students asked their queries regarding job prospects in hospitality industry. It was an interesting and informative session for all the students.